Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9. Day 99. The fur baby

The world would be a better place if humans were more like dogs. Here I am talking about the sweet-natured pets I prefer but I suspect all dogs. What ruins it for the others, I assume, is their owners who bring out the worst in their fur friends. I choose to believe all dogs are born pure of heart. This is what I see in dogs.
They are loyal and prepared to accept anyone as a friend. They don't judge. Treat them right and they will respond accordingly.
Dogs have an incredible sense of loyalty and devotion.
There is also a puppy-like playfulness and sense of fun that extends way beyond the puppy years.
They are have incredible memories but are prepared to forget. They give as much affection as they receive.
And they are smart, cunning and occasionally manipulative but never mean. We could learn a lot from them. My 1.5 fur friends are also great at doing holidays just the way I like them. They like to sleep, eat and go to the beach. Repeat. I have trained them well or they have trained me. It's hard to tell but it works for all concerned.


  1. Those two must be the smartest dogs around!! They've got you wound around their little paws. On the picture where Freddie and Sir R are hugging, Sir R is smiling!!

    1. Yep, I see it as a smile. They do know how to tug at my heart strings