Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17. Day 107. Animal attraction

What can I say? It's animal attraction. Animals can just smell it or sense it. Frankly I think dogs are much better at reading human emotions and knowing how to respond than humans. They just know. So we were at the dog park today and Drama Teen was sitting on a park bench by himself listening to a podcast. This dog we'd never met decided he must need a friend and went up to keep him company. He received a friendly rub on the head for his trouble. They are seriously empathetic creatures. In my place it happens a lot. If I'm having a seriously bad day, the humans in my family know they won't be able to find the words to help so they recruit the expert in human communication - the dog. They know that by sitting and cuddling, the dog can say the right thing. Such is animal attraction.

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