Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5. Day 95. Happy Easter

 I forgot to tell the Easter Bunny where I would be this year thus no visits. This is not to say that the day was without unexpected occurrences. Surprise 1. The man in his smalls climbing across the outside of a house as we watched from the beach. Drama Teen was convinced it was "The Walk of Shame" in action. Turns out he was cleaning windows. Surprise 2. A car without a driver reversing down the hill in front of our place nearly cleaning up a man walking a dog. For the next hour as we waited for the police we watched cars rounding the corner almost collecting the car.
Surprise 3. The weather. Tradition has it that it always rains at Easter. The forecast all week had suggested rain of biblical proportions. But no. The weather and the beach has been stunning and humans and canines alike have been lapping it up. Who needs chocolate when you have all that going on at your doorstep? No I said the fly

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