Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6. Day 96. Sand

Sand is a completely awesome and completely hideous substance in almost equal measure. Sand between your toes rocks. Sand between your togs and your body sucks. Lying on a sandy beach rocks. Lying on sandy sheets sucks (sure no-one is forcing me to sleep with beach-loving dogs but it is what it is. Anyway I digress). Nothing is nicer than a white sandy beach unless you happen to be trying to walk across one in bare feet in the middle of summer. Ouch. Anyway when it comes to white sandy beaches, Australia is a world leader. One of my personal favourites is Noosa's Main Beach, delightfully protected and always a family favourite. And if that's not enough the beach-side restaurants and the sand scultpure working his magic what more can a girl want? Well less sand action between the sheets might be a start ....

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