Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24. Day 114. Dogged determination

Nanook crosses the road
I come from a long line of obsessive compulsive dog owners. Top of the tree was my Dad who for many years gave one dog daily insulin shots and he performed mouth to snout on another one our dogs. Quite simply there is nothing I wouldn't do for my dog. Nothing. This is why my heart filled with admiration when I saw the clan from Storybook Farm Scared Animal Garden crossing the road at South Bank this afternoon. Leading the charge were Nanook and Krumm on their wheelie walkers but the team from the sanctuary in the Gold Coast hinterland also included a pooch with three legs and a blind dog. I only had a few seconds before the lights changed and we had to move on but that was just long enough to learn about Lisa-Jayne Cameron and her sanctuary for animals with special needs. I have to hand it to her. That's a woman with dogged determination.

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