Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2. Day 92. Fair weather friend

For some reason people have me down as a dog person. Can't imagine where that comes from. But there was a certain canine connection in many of the books, cards etc I received for my birthday. I suppose the fact that I occasionally take dog pics, tell dog anecdotes, tweet on behalf of my dog, walk through the streets with a dog on my shoulder, sleep with a dog on my head and have a self described profile as a crazy dog lady might have a very astute student of my character reaching the conclusion that there is a deeply hidden dog thing going on.
In any event, I can confess that dogs change your life for the better in so many different ways. Today we headed off to the dog-friendly dog holiday home right next to the dog off leash beach. When we arrived at Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast it was bucketing down rain, the irony wasted on no-one. Now in another life that would be straight to bed weather. The dogs were  having none of that. So beach it was and while it was pretty much deserted it was 100% awesome. It's a dog owner's life people

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