Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31. Day 90. Scratching around for food

How can you have a cupboard and fridge food of food and nothing to eat? I'm pretty sure whole Rwandan villages could survive on my pantry supplies but I find myself scratching around to find anything that seems vaguely appetising. As it happens, scratching around to find something I "want" to eat or could be bothered to cook is one of my least favourite jobs (a somewhat bizarre situation given how much I love to eat).
All of this came to mind in Musgrave Park this afternoon while I watched the birds purposefully foraging for food. And there is. It's all too easy. Food is plentiful (you only have to look at my butt to see that) and thus I've become too picky (literally). If I had to work for it I MIGHT be more grateful. Or not. Because of course I do work for it. not in a hunter/gather sort of way but as in a whinge about staff meetings and swear while marking sort of way. That distance is what makes all the difference - that and the fact that the cupboard is bare of chocolate. That I never reject.

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