Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30. Day 89. Beauty and the beast

Mother Nature has a perverse sense of humour to put it nicely. Why would you make the most attractive looking things the most dangerous for you? That's just cruel. The food that looks, smells and tastes the best always has the most calories. The most colourful and visually appealing insects always have the worst bite. I found today that the most scenic of dog parks has a hidden danger. I found myself with the fur friends at the riverside Colmslie Recreation Reserve dog park this afternoon. At first I didn't notice but once seen it couldn't be unseen. A woman at the park said "aren't the sandflies dreadful. I'm being savaged". And there it was. I was like that man in the Aerogard ad from old - swatting and scratching. For little blighters they sure have a big bite and frankly I think they should pick on someone their own size. The dogs, however, did not seem to care - about the view or the sandflies. There was a fine collection of other dogs to chase which seems to be the only criteria they care about in dog park selection.

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