Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25. Day 84. Good morning but ....

Oh what a wonderful morning ..... yeah the day started with great promise. Stunning light, all soft and reflective and full of possibilities. And then the storm clouds brewed. Now, if you live in Brisbane you may be thinking "storm clouds? What storm clouds?" Fair point because these clouds you would see only within my head. For a day that started off so well it sure managed to go to hell in a basket. All thunderbolts and lightning, howling and raging and destructive wind gusts. Year 12 is known to be difficult and the brewing storm finally unleashed its fury . In such moments taking shelted is the best course of action but one I rarely take. I should have waited for it to blow over but I manged to walk into the eye of the  and got sucked in to its tempest. To be clear this is all metaphorical but I find storms of a mental kind harder to deal with than something tangible and physical. But it burned out, hopefully not just regrouping to cross the coast again later.

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