Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27. Day 86. Home is where the housework is

The nesting instinct. It's a real and powerful thing. It's what makes a dusky moorhen drag a great big leaf across the pond. It's what prevents me from allowing my home turning into a complete tip. I mean, I have to create a safe and habitable living space for my lot. But there's no need to be silly about it. Friday afternoon could be a time to get a jump start on the weekend chores or it could be a moment to grab all interested family members and head to South Bank. No contest. There ain't no magic in housework - so South Bank it is. There we found James James the magician working the crowds (he also offered to turn my dog into a balloon as you do). Yeah home is where the heart is but sometimes the heart is allowed to wander just down the road, right?

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  1. It looks like the South Bank was a real winner for getting out and enjoying your Friday afternoon, anything to procrastinate and put off housework. I bet you had a relaxing few hours enjoying the evening as a family. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.