Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16. Day 75. Pooling resources

 From the time we are little, our parents treat sharing as one of those incredibly important life lessons.
Which parent hasn't at some time said "share your toys with your sister/brother"? (Well, me obviously because my offspring has no siblings but I digress). In fact one of the biggest arguments you will hear against the only child is that he or she will be a spoiled brat never having learned to share. Yep, as a society we talk about sharing as a good thing but in so many practical ways we are very bad at practicing what we preach. Listen to talk back radio any day and you'll hear what I mean. Just about every discussion about government policy seems to be couched in terms of "what's in it for me" rather than what's good for us collectively. And just in case you think I being all preachy, I confess I am as guilty as the next person of indulging in the every-man-for-himself philosophy especially when it comes to important matters such as chocolate. I think it is not only human nature but a universal norm that makes us defend what we think is rightfully ours. Which brings me to today's image. It would be impossible to overstate just how annoyed the fur friend was today at the water dragon's decision to take up residence first beside and later in the pool. He was barking mad, to put it mildly. Rumple has only been in the pool once - that time he misjudged his step when chasing a possum - but that didn't stop him from claiming the pool and all its surrounds as his own. Pool resources? Not very likely. It's a dog eat dog world where you have to learn to sink or swim (or hold on to the Kreepy Krawly lead for all it's worth)

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