Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19. Day 78. On a school night

I avoid going out on a school night but I'm prepared to make an exception. I reckon a civic reception in the Grand Hall of Parliament House to mark the centenary of Drama Teen's school is well worth the effort. My late Dad was a Lauries' boy as were my uncles on both sides of the family and a cousin and yet my boy almost ended up somewhere else. He could have been a Nudgee Boy and it would have been a disaster. It is hard to think of a less suited combination. I must write to the person who rejected our application and thank him. That interview process led us to Lauries and it was the best decision ever. I get all To Sir with Love when I think about what that school has done to help my son navigate the high school years. In a few short months the senior school journey will be over but the lessons learned will be with my boy forever.

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