Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9. Day 68. Building bridges

When the wind is blowing the right way, I can hear racquet hit ball on the tennis courts of the University of Queensland. Even on a very still night you can hear just about every song played at functions on the campus. We are close, so very close - at least as the crow flies. But unless you happen to be a crow or a fish, the campus is not exactly around the corner. There's a great, big snaking river between us and them. The only way to get there is via the hideous traffic black spot that is Coronation Drive or to take the Eleanor Schonnel Bridge. There is a catch if you happen to be a motorist. This is a world first Green Bridge. You can walk or cycle across the bridge or catch the bus but all other vehicles are forbidden. I'm not sure what I think about a great big bridge for just buses and bikes but I know I really like the bridge as a piece of engineering. It's an incredibly impressive structure any day of the week but on a day like today with the setting sun and clouds behind it really does bridge the gap.

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