Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13. Day 72. Nectar of the Gods

Quittin' time. Friday afternoon and everyone in the city seemed keen to knock off and head out for a drink. From the workmen catching the river barge back to shore to the crowds at the beach, the weekend was certainly in the air at South Bank. I, for one, was happy to join them. Rumple and I met my friend Sue for a walk along the river and then pulled in to one of the restaurants for a cider (side note. I love that fur friends are welcome if you choose an outside table and it was far too nice to be inside this afternoon in any event). I have to say that drink was so sweet, like the nectar Blue-faced Honeyeater found to feast on in the bougainvillea  opposite where we sat. After a long work week, a drink is a small but well-earned reward. And like I said, everyone was up for a drink.


  1. Love the bird in the pink flowers, lovely photo .

  2. That sounds completely idyllic, I used to love just stopping and having a drink on a warm sunny day.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.