Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1. Day 60. Not this little black duck

There are some stoic individuals who refuse to take pain killers. Not this little black duck.
Frankly I don't understand statements such as "Yeah, I've got this really bad headache but I don't like taking drugs ...." Well here's the thing. What I don't like is feeling as though internal combustion is happening in my skull accompanied by a chorus of a jackhammer choir. I don't actually "like" taking painkillers either not in the sense that I like going to the theatre or eating tiramisu. There is no joy in popping non-recreational drugs. The joy is in making the pain go away. I felt the freight train of a headache steaming towards me this afternoon and I made a beeline for the medicine chest. Before the glorious combination of Ibuprofen and Codeine phosphate could work their voodoo magic I was lying in a darkened room with a pillow over my head. But then the relief started to kick in leaving a sort of pain shadow. That's a feeling I like much better than the alternative. So with drugs on board I was off to walk the dog at South Bank and explore the duck pond. That's something I also like.

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