Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10. Day 69. Dog attack

The only thing more vicious than some dogs are their owners. Seriously, I don't know where some people get off. For the record, I will just put it out there that there are few pooches more pathetic than mine. I'm okay with that. We suit each other. Anyway, some time back I decided to avoid one of the dog parks on the river at West End because I took objection to the fact that dog owners saw no reason to close the gate and when I did would repeatedly open it again so their dogs could do a lap into the river and back into the park. My problem with that is that dog parks have fences for a reason and leaving the gate open really negates that. But today our walk took us by the park and the gate was shut so I figured what would be the harm in giving it another go. Bad move. We got to the gate and five big dogs pounced blocking our entry. Their owners did nothing. I decided the only way for us to get in - and their dogs not get out - was to pick Rumple up and push. That was fine but once inside all the other dogs jumped on me and a terrified Rumple climbed on my shoulder and wouldn't move. Then the "fun" started. The dogs continued to jump and their owners decided this is my problem. I should put Rumple down and let him fend for himself, apparently. I should stop "projecting" my fear. Excuse me. If I want to hold my dog I will. If I want to turn my dog into a big, fat sooky-la-la that's my prerogative. I do not want your pouch parenting tips, I will ask for them. Otherwise will you just shut up (and keep your dogs out of my face and more importantly out of Rumple's)

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