Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2. Day 61. Bird brain

I blame the fatigue. The more tired I am the more likely I am likely to run around like a chook with its head cut off. Today was not my finest hour but like the little trooper I am, I tried to soldier on. Bad move. It has been said that Rumple likes to be carried, parrot-like, on my shoulder for at least part of our walk. But at the end of the day walking the dog actually involves the dog walking at some point. This means a lead is pretty much a necessity. Today I drove down to South Bank with the intention to launch our walk and photography session from there. Problem 1. No lead. A convenience store sold me rope which nearly cut off circulation in my hand but worked. Problem 2. A camera with a battery almost devoid of charge. This was my fall back shot. I tend to take a photo or two when I set out so if I see nothing else at least I go home with something. As it turns out this is also wise if you camera is about to die and the spare battery you always carry is in the other bag. Yep, not my finest hour in face I was more than a bit bird brained

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