Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29. Day 88. Week End

Warning: Dad joke.
Every dog has its day but a dog with no tail has a weak end.
Yep, it's appalling (And as it happens I am pretty sure I first heard it from my Dad, a man quite adept with the Dad joke). Anyway, my dog was pretty sure today was his day. It was so good it was better than a day but a weekend's worth of fun. His favourite buddy The Fed came for a "surprise" visit.
The visit was, in fact, a surprise for all of us. Fed belongs to my brother and his family but has been a regular guest at our place since he was a little beagle when his family travelled. But as we are going away for Easter this time Fed was going to stay elsewhere - or so I thought. Those plans fell through at the last minute so where else would Feddie go except to his second home? Well I have booked a dog-friendly holiday home so we might as well put it to the test. And it is a family holiday and that includes the extended family dogs and all. Rumple certainly isn't complaining.

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