Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 17. Day 76. Perfect Match

I do love to accessorize. Some days I can barely remember to comb my hair but will always make a point of finding a necklace to match. Yet, in proof that opposites attract, I'm married to a man who can't see the point of wearing matching socks. From a young age it was apparent our son had got my colour coding gene. There was this time at day care when he wet his shirt and the staff pulled a dry one out of his locker. He went and changed it because it didn't match. I trained him well. So I appreciate the effort of the dog groomers today. When I went to collect Rumple from his six-weekly treatment he was ready to go but minus the bow. The groomer instructed his assistant to find a red and white one to match the new harness he was wearing when he arrived. This attention to detail appeals greatly to me. Rumple hasn't said anything but I'm pretty sure he appreciated the gesture.

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