Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11. Day 70. Balance

Balance. In all things. That describes my life perfectly. The Ying and the Yang. The work and the play. The sleep and the wake. Yeah, that's me. Miss equalibrium. And if you believe that I can recommend a great psychiatrist because you are truly delusional. I am not a glass half full or even a glass half empty person. My glass is either full or empty. I rather avoid half measures. Right now it's a calendar that's full and a tank that's on empty, which is far from ideal. What I think I need is a big stick and a few strings like my favourite artwork at South Bank. I could rely on the stick to find balance and if that doesn't work I could get someone to use it to beat some sense into me. The string could either hold me up or be pulled to take off some of the load. And  I could learn to ride a unicycle or something more difficult such as finding out whether people are talling the truth when they say mobile phones have an off switch. Yeah, now I'm getting silly but I do know a bit more balance is called for.

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