Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9. Day 252. Fighting fit

There are two possibilities:
1) A not previously documented boomerang virus that no matter how often you throw it off manages to come back or
2) I have some kind of secret invisible sign on me that says "any snotty, sneezy, wheezy virus looking for a joint to trash come right in".
It could be a little of column one and a little of column two.
Either way, I have been considerably less than fighting fit for weeks and I think whatever little nasty bug is responsible is not fighting fair.
None of my students is prepared to sit anywhere in the first 10 rows of a lecture (actually I think that's true even when I'm well but still).
I look at healthy people with green eyed envy and then I cough on them (always careful to try and cover my mouth just as my mother told me to do).
Today I was looking at lots of supremely fit people, well gtrying to look in much the same way as one might watch a horror film, with a mixture of terror and captivation. At the invitation of my friend Christy I spent an hour or so this afternoon at a boxing gym watching her partner Chris and his sparring mates go through a very intensive training session.
I'm not sure what impressed me most: How fit these blokes were or the fact that Christy was able to watch her significant other in the ring.
In these circumstances I find a camera to be most useful - it puts a psychological barrier between a wimpy girl and the action. Hopefully it also acts as a germ barrier although I reckon those blokes could beat the crap out of any annoying virus. Perhaps if I ask them nicely ...

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