Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26. Day 269. The early bird

Happy blog day to you
Happy blog day to you
Happy blog day dear Susan
Happy blog day to you
One thousand days. Every day. Consecutively.
In the early days when it was fresh and new the business of photographing and writing stuff was fun and then in the middle of the the first year it got old. Very old. But having made a commitment to myself that I would do this blogging thing for a year, I was going to see it through come hell or high water. Then this weird thing happened. By the end of Day 366, I felt like I had unfinished business so I launched into a second year and then a third. And so today was Day 1000. Now it is just something I do, like cleaning my teeth or whinging about marking, it's part of the routine.
It takes time, quite a lot of time, and commitment but today's images explain everything about why I keep doing this.
1) It was taken on a morning walk with the fur friend and school friend. The days when I try to talk myself out of walking, I remind myself that I need a photograph and the contents of my fridge might be a great scientific experiments but good phonographic material they are not
2) Sure marking is creative. Finding new ways of expressing "this is shit"  in a way that passes as constructive criticism requires a great deal of creative genius but it is not always enjoyable. There have to be better ways to exercise your creative genius. Blogging fills that need
3) My photography is so much better than it was at the beginning, especially when it comes to birds. Before this project I'm pretty sure I'd never taken a photo of a bird, at least not intentionally, and not of the feathered type. But now birds are kind of a thing and so it is fitting that Day 1000 is a bird, and a bird who has got the worm, because grub is also a thing with me. I consider this a perfect blog day present.


  1. A spectacular photo Susan, you must be thrilled with it.
    I have a Kookaburra photo in my collection from my days in Melbourne but I haven't linked it as yet because he's eating a rat! It's not a close up but you can clearly see what's going on.
    I think it's a fantastic idea to post a photo everyday.
    Congratulations on your 1000th day

    1. Yes, I think I might have held off on a rat. I swear the kookaburra was toying with me as well as the worm. He dropped at my feet and played slowly with it.
      I find a photo a say works better for me. Many of the bloggers did it in the early days (The Boy and Me for three years!) but it is most time consuming. I know I need the discipline or I wouldn't do it