Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17. Day 260. Food for thought

I am constantly battling to find the answers of two of life's great questions.
1) What will I wear today?
2) What will I eat?
Naturally of those, the second I ponder more often than the first mainly because I eat a great deal more often than I get dressed. Also, I like food more than clothes and you'd only have to take a very brief passing look at me to work that out. On top of that I still feed my family but most of the time I let them get dressed all by themselves. ...occasionally I will send my husband back to rethink a colour combination or tie but if he thinks mismatched socks are a fashion statement that's his problem. But the business of food, that's a whole other category. Hours of every day are spent planning for, shopping for, preparing for and finally finally eating. Then you get to clean up afterwards and repeat. It really bugs me. But what's the alternative? Raw food? That's strictly for the birds

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