Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18. Day 261. A bit green

Miss Cleo's friend Renee displaying the scones with jam and creams.
The mass choir sang "You Raise me Up". Best song ever. Always brings a tear and a lump to the throat
Cleo playing flute in the Intermediate band

 I'm a bit green at this, and frankly far too young. But if there's anywhere someone who is green is going to fit in it's at Somerville House which is greener than Kermit.
Today I got to play Grandma to my delightful niece Cleo at Grandparents and Godparents Day for the Somerville House Year 8 students. I am neither but Cleo doesn't have Godparents and Grandma is off spending the kids inheritance touring Alaska, as you do. So I was invited and delighted to agree although I think the past year has obviously aged me markedly. Less than 12 months ago I was "mum" to Cleo's big sister Scarlett at a Mother's and Daughter's night for the same school. It's been a big year, obviously. But as a member of the MOB (Mothers of Boys) it is always a welcome change to see how the other half lives. And not only that the young ladies had to wait on their guests. And there was scones with jam and cream. Win all round.

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