Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5. Day 248. Beautiful people

Friday afternoon when all the beautiful people come out to play - and this afternoon South Bank seemed to be the city's playground. It's not unusual for me to be at South Bank of a Friday afternoon but normally I'm the one taking the dog for  a walk not the one in the cocktail lounge. This afternoon I managed to be both. I was outside the udderly beautiful Cowch cow themed cocktail and dessert bar (yes, that is a genius combination) eyeing off the dessert cabinet while my walking buddy Sue was at the nearby ATM. The maitre d' asked if I'd like a closer look. I politely refused pointing out what I thought was bleedingly obvious - I was with fur friend. No worries, he said. Sit on one of the outside couches and the dog is welcome. I'd be barking mad to turn down such an offer so by the time Sue had collected her cash, Rumple and I had claimed a seat. Soon after there was a rose for Sue, a pina colada for me and a bowl of water for Rumple. What an awesome place to people watch and enjoy a drink and a chat. I think I shall be back.

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