Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12. Day 255. Love is in the air

It's taken 16 years but we finally went away "child" free. It was only one night but was just what the doctor ordered (although I rather suspect the doctor would also order antibiotics for the hideous cold/cough that eight weeks later still lingers like a very bad smell and refuses to budge).
I'm not sure exactly what the doctor would make of the time we spent in the Intercontinental Hotel at Sanctuary Cove but for my money room service with pizza and champagne was just the bill. Crisp white sheets, someone to clean after me, a long hot bath and a stack of magazine - all these things equal awesome to me. And just to make it special they laid on fireworks. How thoughtful. Okay, it is just possible the fireworks were not for us but for the just married couple having their wedding reception  at the resort. I have no idea how much they forked out to add that "special something" but for the person who got to enjoy the benefits of their largess it was totally worth it. We also got to enjoy their wedding band and their somewhat curious song list. Marvin Gaye's I Heard it Through the Grapevine is indeed a fine song but
a) is a song with the lyrics "not much longer will you be mine" really the type of tune to be putting out there at a wedding and
b) I really hate to think how "that" relative (normally an uncle sitting close to the bar) who seems to be at every wedding would have gone at dancing to that tune.
But from the safety of our room with our champagne and pizza and stiff white sheets none of that mattered. And with only weeks until our 20th wedding anniversary I'm not too worried about the "not much longer will you be mine" business either

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