Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8. Day 251. You have to laugh

Tibian Wyles one of the stars of Black Diggers
Kelly warms up the crowd

A good laugh. There's nothing quite like it. They do say that laughter is the best medicine and a good belly laugh does the trick. But  I think what is under-rated is the value of listening to someone else laugh. For my money ABC Brisbane's afternoon presenter Kelly Higgins-Devine has one of the best laughs in the business. Totally infectious. I snuck into the Spiegeltent to watch Kelly and her team in action this afternoon as the ABC took over the Brisbane Festival tent for the day. I love radio, I love the ABC and there is so much to love about the Spiegeltent (which shamefully I had not visited before). It was a combination sure to bring a smile to my face.
Luke Peacock, who will appear at the Festival in The Painted Ladies
Lance Sinclair discusses movies

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  1. Thanks Susan! Great to see you sitting in the front row. Do love an OB!