Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23. Day 266. Baby steps

So many inspirational quotes, or sayings or cliches. Not sure what they are but there were lots of them.
Start small, aim high
Lead by example
The longest journey starts with a single step
You have to crawl before you can walk.
And doubtless countless others.
I often find myself in Musgrave Park admiring the slackliners walking on lines strung between the trees so today was, in a way,  no different except it was.
On a single low line between the trees, Dad Peter, his 12-year-old son Kel and Kel's friend Sam were taking turns on the line. With each attempt they wobbled less and walked a few more steps. The boys started hanging on to Peter's shoulder or head but before long he was easing away and their excitement was obvious when they actually managed to walk the entire length. While I was watching them, behind me something on a much, much larger scale was unfolding. A giant line spanning the whole length of the park had been strung up at least seven feet high and a single walker was giving it a red hot go. It was brought to my attention by Peter who indicated I was focusing my attention - and my camera - in the wrong place. Certainly it was very, very impressive and a master of the craft at work but I'm not sure that a couple of 12-year-olds and a Dad beating their fears and the line isn't every bit as much an achievement. Either way, I suspect both groups ended the day on a high.

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