Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6. Day 249. Child's play

 I can't (or won't) put an exact date on it but I am pretty sure I was in to my third decade before I caught a plane by myself. Certainly I was old enough to drive, old enough to vote and old enough to legally consume an alcoholic beverage. But yesterday at the advanced age of nine, my nephew Connor boarded an aircraft in Sydney and an hour later disembarked in Brisbane all by his little self. He even insisted on checking in luggage rather than take a carry on bag because he wanted to collect his bag from the luggage carousel all by himself. Gold star to you young man. Today's kids have so many more opportunities than we did and for the most part grasp them with both hands - but do you know what kids are still kids. A day after the excitement of the solo flight Connor was riding his new bike, walking the dog and when I caught up with him this afternoon he was playing in the park. There's an awful lot of fun to be had when you are nine - and much of the time you don't need a plane to get off the ground. Best of all, now he knows he can do it we might be seeing a bit more of him in Brisbane. Way to go Connor.
An added benefit of Oliver catching up with cousin Connor was that Rumple and his cousin The Fed got to have a play date in the dog park. Wins all round


  1. Well done on the plane journey alone. I'm sure in the UK kids are not allowed to travel alone. I know mine had to be 14 for the coach. Looks like your nephew thoroughly enjoyed Brisbane. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with me on Country Kids.

    1. The airlines have a service called "unaccompanied minors". Only a small number per flight and they are left in the care of a flight attendant who looks after them and delivers them to an adult at the gate at the other end. Many country kids have to go to boarding school because of the massive distances involved so probably started with that. Now used a lot by families where the parents are no longer together and living distances apart

    2. so sensible, have have all gone a bit health and safetly mad but allowing them to travel like this is helpful and good for the children's own independance

  2. Now that looks like a very cool playground! Hopefully it won't be too long before he hops back on the plane again #countrykids

  3. Wow! I won't let my 9 year walk to school on her own let alone get on a plane.He must of been very trustworthy and extremely brave.I hope he has a safe journey back :D