Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28. Day 271. Just what the doctor ordered

Time, they say, heals all wounds.
And it may just be time that has finally allowed for a cough-free Sunday.
Or it could be the double dose of antibiotics followed by the steroid puffer but for my money it is the beach and the sea air that is just what the doctor ordered - I have enough of them, I should know.
It is just a shame I can't apply for a Medicare-funded rebate for a beach vacation on the strength of it but still. We arrived for a week at the beach today and I wasn't the only one jumping for joy at the sight of the sand.
The fur friend Rumple started pulling at the lead and barking as we emerged from the path to cross the road to the beach.
As soon as he was off the lead he was off and in the water.
For two hours we walked up the beach. I collected shells, paddled and chatted to other dog owners.
Rumple chased balls and birds and dogs, sniffed bottoms and annoyed fishermen.
He pounced and paddled, he ducked and dived.
He rolled in the sand and in anything he could find that smelled.
It was hard to believe this was the same dog who sat like a sad sack on my lap at the emergency veterinary surgery for hours yesterday, like the sick little puppy he was.
The beach, it would seem, is also just what the vet ordered.

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