Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10. Day 253. Hello, up there

"Would you like me to write that appointment on a card?" the medical receptionist asked. This and so many other phrases I predict will soon become as quaint and unfamiliar as fairdinkum and larrikan.
How is a piece of cardboard in my wallet which I will never find going to help remind me of anything? That is why God invented the smart phone. Thus far today the phone told me the time and date, was an alarm and a referdex, allowed me to check emails and play Candy Crush, took photos, tweeted and was a calculator. I looked up recipes on the Internet and them used a shopping centre app to make a shopping list, paid bills, listened to the radio and sent a couple of text messages. I may have made a phone call. I probably didn't. After all, why would I use a phone to make phone calls? My family laugh at my tragic phone addiction as though it is an addiction to a telephonic device. Seriously people, they don't call them smart phones for nothing. And I like nothing better than seeing other people with their phones out using them where one a dedicated specialist piece of equipment was required. Such as today. A cherry picker has hoisted two workmen to inspect the roof  of Saint Andrew's Church at Highgate Hill. And what did they do while at the top? Took a photo with a phone to accurately record the condition. They may have taken a selfie as well. I totally would have and then I would have tweeted, and updated Facebook and ....

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