Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16. Day 259. Riding high

I learned a lot about the ethics of skate parks today. My tutor was Dale, a nineteen-year-old I met practicing his tricks in Musgrave Park, a venue which is nowhere near a skate park. I'm not sure how the conversation went to bowls and ramps but Dale informed me that these venues were a great training ground for young riders BUT the little ones and their parents often needed a bit of education. A few simple lessons can make the bowls safer for everyone. When young ones arrive it's important the more experienced riders recognise they are there and give them space. At first parents sometimes resent the older kids taking charge, he said. Their attitude seems to be "who died and made you skate park boss?"  But by watching a bit, the parents realised an ordered use of the park was safer for everyone - especially young and less experienced riders who are less able to read the situation around them and act fast enough to prevent injury.
As Dale sees it, it's like surfing. You don't drop in on someone's wave. Learn that and the ride is safer and more fun for everyone


  1. This is something my boys love to do though I'm not sure their moves are so proficient! I like the association with surfing, very true. Thank you for linking up with me on Country Kids

  2. Amazing what kids can do with their bikes! I dont even know how to use one! =( #countrykids