Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15. Day 258. Like sands through the hour glass

In my kitchen there is a plaque that reads "Housework is like threading beads on a string with no knot on the end". It is a never ending battle. I should note that the friend who gave me the plague has four children and thus, in theory, her clean quest is four times as intense. But I argue in my defence that all children are not created equal and the cyclonic force of Drama Teen has destructive power beyond that of any passive breezy child. In any event, we know that there will be much effort involved and much of the time the results will be short lived and yet we do it (especially when visitors are due). It may be fleeting but at least you get to admire it when it's done. I can only presume this is the same attitude the sand sculptor working his art on South Bank beach in the fading light late this afternoon has to his craft. Because I had the fur friend with me and the South Bank Beach is a dog free zone I was unable to have a good chat to the master. But for a few brief moments he returned to his backpack at the edge of the beach to collect a new tool. He told me his creation - a whale - would be finished by about 8pm and would almost certainly be gone by the morning. He had been working his way around the country creating sand art as he went. And with that the sand sculptor was off, back to resume his masterpiece and I was forced to head off home for dinner full of admiration for a bloke with a swag having a whale of a time touring the country.

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