Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22. Day 265. Super

 Just another manic Monday. Into Week 2 of single parenthood with my husband visiting family in the UK. in course two of antibiotics for both Drama Teen and myself. There's school holidays to juggle. There's the job I collect a pay cheque for and the one with the bigger workload a woman does for "love". As I like to say women have been told they can have it all but we now know that means we get to do it all.
Sometimes you feel like you need some super powers. You can't make it go away but you can make it fun, some days a lot of fun. Like today. After spending a semester banging on about the importance of  using social media to journalism today was time to put it to the test with a little stunt. In a crowded lecture theatre a mobile phone calls. The "rude" student takes the call, says he will be right there and strips to reveal a Batman outfit. The door opens and Holy Lecture Theatre it's Joker. It's one against one until two other students strip to their Lycra super suits and it's game on.  A bit of Biff, Wham, Kapow culminating in the Joker holding a pen to my neck (because a pen is mightier than a sword) and leading me hostage style from the room.
Sure it's a stunt, but there were real learning outcomes and there's no rule about having fun is there?
Thanks so much to the delightful drama students who helped me put it together AND sat through a journalism lecture taking notes to blend in.  Dedication, above and beyond. Love ya work. You are super heroes. all of you.

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