Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11. Day 254. My favourite things

I am very slow but finally it has dawned on me. I've worked out why I love the theatre so much. I thought it may have to do with escapism. Or may be it was an insight into others' lives. I love storytelling. I love the creative process, the melding of lights, music, costume and the human character. I love the sense of occasion, the reason to get dressed up and the rising sense of anticipation before the house lights go down and the curtain opens and the way applause thunders through the space when the show hits the right note. The look on the actors faces when they can tell the audience loves it is special and it is an awesome thing to be part of. All of these things live theatre delivers to me in a way other entertainment choices do not.
But I now know I've missed one key element and it took a giant mirrored sign placed in tyres as part of the Brisbane Festival to show me. It was right there in the Theatre Republic sign on the parade ground at work - the word EAT. So there it is. Food plus performance equals pure joy for me

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