Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6. Day 310. Don't be a Goose 2

 Journalists are often accused of only telling one side of the story.
And perhaps I owe a bit of an apology to the girls I was very quick to judge for abandoning a goose at the University of Queensland last week.
Don't get me wrong. Abandoning a family pet is never okay and a low act but perhaps the goose is not exactly the innocent party.
I was back at the lakes today when I saw the same goose and although I thought I put its side of the story more than fairly, it was having none of it.
The goose attacked my shoe lace and then my shoe and when I tried to get up and get away it went my leg.
But fortunately,
a) I had my fearless attack dog with me. Without hesitation he rushed up and smelled the goose and then jumped up on the other leg and demanded to be picked up because "he" was afraid. Good work Rumple and
b) some students rushed to my rescue where rescue is defined as grabbed my mobile phone and took photos.
The most unfortunate bit of this whole sad tale is that it was such an opportunity lost.
It is my dream that I will make a million through posting a video that goes vital on YouTube. The woman, the goose and the dog overlaid with the theme music from Benny Hill and there was the dream realised - except that I was too busy fighting off the rabid bird to think to video the action.
So instead of dreaming of the $$$$ I'll be having nightmares about being under avian attack.
So whose looking the goose now?

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