Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11. Day 315. Getting ready

A big night tonight. The sort of night that involves waxing, a haircut and the toe nails done. As any woman will tell you, the preparation is every bit as important as the event itself.
Tonight I have the rare honour of having a daughter. My sister is in Europe for a conference which leaves my delightful niece Scarlett "motherless" on the night of her Mother and Daughter school graduation evening. I was asked to stand in, something that delighted me. But then ... what the hell will I wear? I wouldn't want to blow my one mother/daughter opportunity. So like the seagull at South Bank there was much preening to be done. Hopefully it is appropriate.
And anyway, with my own teen's scheduled school finish date only two years away it doesn't hurt to have a dress run.

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