Friday, November 29, 2013

November 28. Day 332. The fog is lifting

I'm pretty sure I have never turned up to a medical appointment in a worse state than I did this morning. Unshowered, sweaty, smelly in walking boots and and an old T Shirt. It was not a good look.
a) it was not my fault and
b) my psychologist was delighted.
Operation kick Susan up the arse continues and this morning that involved walking up Mount Cooth-tha at the crack of dawn with a friend and the fur ball.
But the friend was delayed, the traffic was terrible and as a result I was running terribly late.
So I either went to the appointment straight from the mountain or not at all. I went with the former, phoning through in advance to apologise.
The sweaty but happy version of self is a vast improvement on the model who has been slumping in for recent appointments.Evidence of emerging from the fog is to be congratulated. Big gold star for seizing the day.
But frankly Brisbane, you could at least put on a better show instead of the hazy version of yourself you put on display this morning. If a girl is going to climb a mountain before breakfast, she should at least be able to enjoy the view at the top.

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