Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12. Day 316. What a balls up!

Ball up: (verb) to spoil something by making a mistake or doing something stupid. 
Let me use it is a sentence. Trust me to balls up the date when all marks were due thus making my own life hell. 
The looming date for marking and submission on university results has been hovering like a big, dark, foreboding storm cloud for some time. Wednesday 10am. Wednesday 10am. Thus I feel like all I've been doing of late is marking or putting off marking (to be honest there's been more of the latter than the former but it's been there the whole time).
So today as I entered the all consuming final countdown I received a phone call from a work colleague who seemed insanely calm. Turns out this was due to the fact that while the marks are indeed due on Wednesday at 10am - it's Wednesday next week. Seriously Susan, for a so-called smart person you can be really stoopid when you want to.
Anyway having got this far I decided to finish the task come hell or high water (mostly hell).
As such taking a photo today was a matter of looking up from the spreadsheets, seeing the vase with those coloured jelly balls, grabbing the camera and going "click".
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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