Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26. Day 330. Patience grasshopper

I remember nothing of the 70s TV show Kung Fu except for the catch phrase Patience Grasshopper. Exactly why a grasshopper would want or need to be any more patient than any other creature great or small is a mystery but it obviously made sense at the time. Today, I exhibited a small amount of patience taking this photograph and a great deal more taking another snap of the Fur Friend Rumple for this year's Christmas card. For the past 15 years I have taken a photo of The Boy for the card. Every year that involves tears and tantrums (mainly from me) and far, far too many frames to get the "perfect" image. It's a ritual The Boy has long despised but put up with (usually because of a bribe). This year he decided it was time to hand over the modelling duties to the new kid on the block. He warned Rumple wouldn't have the patience for the job. Silly boy. It's me, not the dog who needs to display infinite patience and I have years of practice - 15 years to be exact.
Yes, there are challenges in working with animals not children - for one The Boy never tried to hump my arm during the photography session. On the plus side Rumple knows no rude words and Schmackos are cheaper than any "positive reinforcement" The Boy demanded as a modelling fee.
As for the image itself, it's awesome but you can't see it yet. Patience Grasshopper.

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