Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25. Day 329. The early bird

I've been suffering from a very bad case of Could-Not-Be-Bothered-Itis. My motivation levels have been at an all-time low. For almost as long as I can remember I've got up just after dawn and exercised in one form or another for at least an hour. But recently the doona has seemed far more attractive. Most days I've managed to force myself to at least take the dog for a walk later in the day but of late even that has proved to be a struggle. Today I decided enough was enough and I gave myself a kick up the bum and got up early. Clearly it's been a while because the dog stayed on the pillow looking at me suspiciously while I got ready before deciding I was actually serious about getting up at this time of day and also springing into action. So off we went and in the cool of the morning the lakes at the University of Queensland looked most attractive. It felt great and I refuse to be deterred by the fact that I was back in bed shortly thereafter feeling hideous as a result of a medication side effect. Tomorrow is another day and I intend to embrace it early. Coming ready or not.

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  1. One "brain hack" that I find useful for getting out of bed is that it's only hard work for about 60 seconds. The effort to keep you moving out the front door is much less than the effort to get you out of bed in the first place. And it takes much less than a minute to get out of bed. So when you peak out reluctantly from under the covers, try thinking "Let's try this for one minute and see what happens", then get your feet on the floor :)