Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24. Day 328. Here we go again

Another day. Another storm. Actually two storms both of which threatened to force the Ashes cricket match being played just down the road into a fifth day - but failed. Come on Aussie. Come on.
The sky darkened almost to the point of day becoming night, the sky rumbled and moaned and then great, big fat rain drops quickly followed by wind and hail followed. Fast and furious and then it blew over - until the next one. Welcome to a Queensland summer where a hot, humid and sticky day, almost always signals an afternoon downpour. As the storm approaches there's a moment of collective breath holding as the city begs for the relief and the much-needed rain but at the same time prays to be spared the destructive power that can accompany the storm.
Today was a good day at our place. A great light and sound show, rain and relief and then it was gone. Barely time to take this photo of my neighbour's guttering before we were able to get back in the pool. One way or another we were making quite a splash.

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