Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13. Day 317. On Fire!

It wasn't me. I seem to have an uncanny knack of being one of the first on the scene at major fires in and around Musgrave Park. Further I have a camera ready to capture the action and phone through reports to ABC local radio.
I was there when the Aboriginal Tent Embassy  caught fire in October last year.
And I was there this morning when the heritage listed The  Belvedere  burnt to the ground. That sounds like the profile of an arsonist if ever I've heard one.
In my defence, I walk through that area at that time of day often, always with my camera and normally without incident.
The journalist in me can't see a big black ball of smoke and hear sirens without heading off to investigate. The social media tragic can't resist tweeting about it.
And being on the scene certainly doesn't mean organised. Fire one there was no battery in the camera (fortunately I had a spare in my bag). Fire two, camera memory card still in the computer at home (I do that so often I now carry a spare). I am also learning a little about live radio crosses from the scene. Describing a burning indigenous camp as a "big black mess" will hardly go down as a career high ....

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