Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14. Day 318. Running around like a headless chook

I have a special skill. I have an ability to pick up a recipe book and immediately set my heart on the recipe that will take me a week to find the ingredients and actually purchasing them will require a second mortgage.
So it has taken a week of running around like a headless chook but today I finally souced Moghrabiah, a product I had never heard of before this Project Tangine began. (I never did find lamb stock. I guess I was meant to make that from scratch).
By the time I actually found the fat couscous pearls (that's what moghrabiah is in case you were wondering) I was almost over it. But with figs, saffron, dates, preserved lemon, slithered almonds, pepitas etc, etc already purchased there was no looking back. I'm rather sure my accountant husband would have his head in his hands and his eyes would have bulged a little had I not hidden the receipts but it was totally worth it.
So here's today represented in a piece of sculture in the Visual Arts studios at QUT today. It's a beautiful thing.

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