Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5. Day 309. The meeting that stopped the nation

When I grow up I wish to be a member of the Reserve Bank Board.*
My qualifications are as follows
1) I manage the household budget (otherwise defined as I hide the credit card bills from my husband)
2) I was just re-elected as treasurer of the school's P&F. No-one else wanted the job
3) I have more experience than just about anyone else in Australia in attending meetings on the first Tuesday in November.
For reasons I will never understand, my department has an obsession with Melbourne Cup Day staff meetings. As far as I know, the Reserve Bank Board is the only other institution which shares this obsession. Normally our gathering are lunch time meetings (when the rest of the country is opening the champers). But his year is was a full half day retreat to look at strategic positioning for the future.
A little bit of self reflection is a good thing ** but is wanting to put on a silly hat once a year so unreasonable? Is there not another hole in the calendar?
I briefly considered wearing the silly hat to the meeting as a protest (but I did that one other year and there are only so many times you can bring out the hat covered in flowers and bees).
One of my colleagues did sneakily bring a house and cup to the meeting perhaps to remind us what we were missing.
Then there was nothing for it but to saddle up and enjoy the ride.
*Should there be a Reserve Bank Board vacancy please accept this as my application which I believe addresses all relevant selection criteria. I look forward to your response.
** The meeting was very productive. I'm relatively sure it would have been equally as productive at another time.

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