Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21. Day 325. Howzat!

I now know it's summer - whatever the calendar may say.
The first day of the first test at the Gabba is the surest sign that summer has come. As the chant starts "Broad is a wanker" you know it's cricket and it's summer.
I don't like cricket - I love it, as the song goes. It is a beautiful thing and it was awesome to be up in the stands taking in the action as the first ball was bowled. Here's Warner in the first session, when the action was still going Australia's way.
There are many who think that watching cricket is like watching grass grow or paint dry. I sort of understand that but even if you can't watch it on TV, there is something special about the atmosphere in a sports ground.
I've been a fan of Gabba cricket since those days when you could get up and personal and sit on the greyhound track right up against the outfield.
It's not like that any more. The personality of the ground has gone somewhat  and these days only the security staff sit there, looking grumpy and spending the day fetching and seizing beachballs. Party poopers. Of course, that just gives the crowd another target when it starts to feel like watching grass might be more interesting.
There was not much time for that today. And no matter what the scoreboard says, Broad is still a wanker.

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