Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7. Day 7. Ace up my sleeve

These are the deft hands of Phil. Phil's from Shanghai and has lived in Brisbane for two years. When he's  not performing magic in the Queen Street Mall to earn a few $$$$ he's a student studying  multimedia design at the Brisbane campus of Central Queensland University. I know this because I asked him. To me this is showing an interest, striking up a completely reasonable conversation with a stranger. Not so. This makes me a complete embarrassment, at least in the mind of my teen. Phil was the second stranger I chatted to today. The first was with a teenaged girl. I was with my own teenager as we waited to register for a workshop Theatre Boy is attending this week. The Melbourne lass was on her own and as I discovered on her first visit to Brisbane for the workshop. So I thought it would be friendly to have a chat. The eye rolling and desperate mouthing of the word "Mum" would suggest that I was being a total embarrassment. Excellent. Being an embarrassment is the job of the mother of a teen. The deck often seems firmly stacked in favour of the offspring and we don't have that many Aces up our sleeve but that's one of them. And not a bit of slight of hand involved.

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