Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19. Day 19. Slacking

If you believe the media, young people are meant to be such slackers.
But let me tell you it was me and not the teen and young adult men and women in Musgrave Park this afternoon who was taking the soft option.
Repeatedly I was invited to join in and have a go. Repeatedly I politely declined.
Here's my excuse and I am sticking to it. Until today I had never heard of Slacklining. Until today, I never knew that people tied lines between trees and set about tight rope walking, bouncing, jumping and tumbling from them.
Don't get me wrong. It looked like fun, enormous fun. But I have enough trouble balancing with both feet on the ground and I talking about BEFORE I have a drink or two. But I was happy to watch. This is Simon showing that he had nothing to lose except his cap.  Impressive huh?
I was also impressed by the attitude of all taking part and how they were all so keen to learn from and teach each other as well as encourage lame-looking onlookers with cameras such as myself.
Thanks guys but some things are better attempted by the young. Slacklining is clearly one of those things.


  1. Another awesome action photo Susan! Your timing is fantastic.

  2. wow another amazing action shot!love seeing your photos Susan x

  3. Oh my goodness that is amazing, it looks terrifying though! Amazing capture!

  4. Wow that's an awesome shot. He looks so talented!

  5. Great action shot, I think I would have had to have a go.

  6. Really great action shot, If I tried what he was doing I'd end up in hospital

  7. I'm not quite sure when I lost my have-a-go confidence but I think it was around 29/30. Before then I'd have tried a lot more than I do now, but not the above! Wow! I'm like you, no sense of balance at all.

    Popping over from Country Kids

  8. amazing...i agree with you :) nothing to loose but his cap - love it :)

  9. A super freeze of the action shot. Don't blame you for not trying, falling seems to hurt so much more now I'm older, which is odd as I have far more padding than I used to LOL.