Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11. Day 11. Blending in

With Theatre Boy at the Australian Musical Theatre Workshop at Girls Grammar this week, I've taken the opportunity to go for my daily walk through Roma Street Parklands just across the road. It's an awesome addition to the city and I'm happy as a pig in shit walking there (especially in the very shaded and cool sections). Theatre Boy, meanwhile, is having an unbelievable time across the road. He's learning a lot and taking advantage of an impressive line-up of celebrity tutors and guests but I sense as much as anything he's enjoying spending time with like-minded teens. Being a happy teenage is very much about finding your tribe. As a would-be performer you want to stand out but as a teenager blending in and fitting in is definitely a huge part of the deal. Standing out is death - which is pretty much the same for this lizard. I've loved these creatures since I was a child and I love how they camouflage themselves. Last thing they want to do is draw attention to themselves especially with big brutes like me around. This bloke was very much laying low - flat out like a lizard drinking as the saying goes. A wise strategy for everyone on a day like today.

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