Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10. Day 10. It's the little things

This dragonfly nearly cost me big time. Well, I will blame the dragonfly rather than the fact that I am absent minded for the fact that my car sat parked at Roma Street Parklands with no money in the meter for quite a little while this morning.
I should not have been away very long - but then I got to watching the dragonflies at play.
Fascinating little things really. Beautiful, delicate and I suspect they pack quite a punch (a bit like me really, apart from that beautiful bit).
So I was flitting about playing with the camera and I lost all sense of time. And then I started to wonder when I was due back at the car and it hit me - the money was not going to run out because I had forgotten to put any in. I was on the phone and I simply walked away.
So if you saw a very unfit woman running through Roma Street Parklands this morning that would have been me, my face redder than this creature's tail.
But guess what? No ticket. No fine. No parking inspector anywhere in sight. Epic win.
I managed to get a couple of photos I am really happy with and I dodged a fine.
It is truly the little things that can make your day.